Maybe the reason we can’t capture joy
is that it comes in pieces,
a forgiveness granted
an accident avoided
a friendship offered
an addiction conquered
a pain subdued
a marriage restored
a child healed
a song composed
that must be put together like a puzzle,
and appreciated like a grand picture,

Janice Cooley Jones

They plodded along between high camel humps

with food, clothes, and blankets rolled up into lumps.

Gold, myrrh, and frankincense jarred with each bump

as they twisted through mountains with bushes in clumps.


They lumbered along sitting high on the backs

of the beasts they were guiding and keeping on track.

Over-excited, they could not relax.

They were searching for Someone and would not turn back.


The light that first startled them was quite a sight.

It grew bigger and brighter than comets that night.

It must be a prophecy, what a delight!

It must be a new king. Those Wise Men were right.


They stopped at King Herod’s place, causing a stare.

Their questions upset him. He stifled a glare.

The Jews have a new king? You must find out WHERE!

In Bethlehem was the child. Wise Men went there.


Oh, how they honored Him. Oh how they praised.

And the joy that surrounded them lasted for days.

It lasted for years and it won’t go away.

Just listen to carolers singing today!


Janice Cooley Jones

There’s a spider in our mailbox
which at first gave Mom a fright.
But she won’t take out the spider
for its web is fixed just right.
Since the spider looks so cozy
and it’s mostly out of sight,
Mom picks her mail up carefully
and softly says “Goodnight.”

Janice Cooley Jones

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