Maybe the reason we can’t capture joy
is that it comes in pieces,
a forgiveness granted
an accident avoided
a friendship offered
an addiction conquered
a pain subdued
a marriage restored
a child healed
a song composed
that must be put together like a puzzle ,
and appreciated like a grand picture,

Janice Cooley Jones

There’s a spider in our mailbox
which at first gave Mom a fright.
But she won’t take out the spider
for its web is fixed just right.
Since the spider looks so cozy
and it’s mostly out of sight,
Mom picks her mail up carefully
and softly says “Goodnight.”

Janice Cooley Jones

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Sing A Song 

 Christian poems 

Sing a song of Christmas
a pocket full of stars.
While the shepherds nodded,
angels flew past Mars,
flew past wily wolves
God scattered out of sight,
flew to humble shepherds,
and changed dark sky to bright.
Sing a song of Christmas
a pocket full of hay,
down a rocky slope
those shepherds dashed that day,
full of hope and wonder,
full of pure delight,
full of angel promises
of Jesus born that night.
Sing a song of Christmas,
a pocket of surpriseone
heavenly Baby
slept before their eyes.
How those shepherds worshiped,
how those shepherds prayed,
how those shepherds spread the news ,
content and unafraid.
Janice Cooley Jones